Day 15: Berea, KY ➡️ Bryantsville, KY

Today’s Mileage: 39.3

Total Mileage: 772.4

“It’s hot”…they said.

“I wish it would rain just a little bit”…they said.

I’ll give you one guess on who they is. 😂

We had to get a hotel room in Berea last night because we rolled in so late and didn’t feel like scoping out a place to camp. It was hard getting out of a comfy bed.

Today’s ride started off great. The gentle rolling hills were so much easier than what we have been on. We were making great time, and we knew we would be able to make it to Springfield– which would have put us at a 75 mile ride or so. The countryside was full of pretty barns and cows. I love anything involving barns and cows and animals in general.

One of those cows was telling us we better get MOOOving.

So, we did. And we missed a turn somewhere. We had to find our way back to our route, and the only road was one with 3 steep hills. We eventually made it back to the route, but it cost us about 5 miles or so.

We found a Subway and ate lunch. When we started pedaling again, my friend David (who is in the area) texted me to let me know there were going to be some storms rolling through shortly. I was hoping to dodge the storm, but the skies started getting dark.

We pulled up under an awning of a church and was going to wait for the storm to pass.

We waited for about 10 minutes and then started getting fidgety. We had places to be!

Then, the clouds started moving in faster and faster and were low in the sky. The wind started picking up. Before I knew it, my bike was being blown around and almost fell over. I grabbed it and hunkered down behind it and put my helmet on because I seriously thought it would start hailing or something would be flying through the air. 😂 I felt like one of those meteorologists standing out in a hurricane. I was getting battered with huge rain drops, and no matter which way I turned my body, I was getting soaked all over; rain running down my face and into my eyes, all while trying to keep my bike from being blown over.

The wind kept getting stronger and stronger. You could see it moving across the pavement. It was so strong, I wondered if we were in a weak tornado or straight line winds.

*As a side note, between drum corps, hiking, and this trip, I have gotten stuck out in the wrath of Mother Nature many times during my life thus far, and this is a very ‘John Muir’ thing of me to say, but it’s kind of fun in a scary way to just stand there in the middle of it all and just experience it….not worrying about getting drenched or dirty or blown around. You have to try it at least once.*

The rain was coming in sideways under the awning. My freshly washed clothes were getting drenched….and it’s not fun trying to dry out padded bike shorts.

As we were getting slammed, a car pulled in and a man got out of his car–getting soaked himself. He opened up the church for us!!! It was a miracle. He happened to be driving by and saw us taking shelter. He even offered for us to stay at the church, as there were more storms coming. He ensured us several times that they were “very informal”. I wonder what he was getting at?? 💁🏼‍♀️😂

We waited and waited and it was not letting up. People started arriving for the church service. As people entered the church, they gathered around us in the lobby, asking us questions about our trip.

A lady left the room on her cell phone, and came back a few minutes later. She lives with her son and daughter-in-law (who has a music ed degree like me) and they offered for us to stay at their house just down the road.

We wanted to get more miles in, but there were more strong storms coming. That’s life for ya! We were thankful to have a nice place to stay.

Nothing like having plans messed up due to Mother Nature. We got our maps out and tried to do some route planning. We are wanting to be home on Wednesday night, but we will have to pull out some major mileage the next 3 days. It is totally doable with the terrain. We just need our tired legs and the weather to cooperate!

So for those of you wondering, we are going to try to be home Wednesday night, but it may be Thursday. I’ll keep everyone updated. The plan is to ride into Marion, KY, where we will meet back up with our families (anyone is welcome to come see us!!). Then, we will start back in Marion after our rest day and cross the ferry at Cave-in-Rock.

Getting close to home!! 💚


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