Day 60: Hampton, OR ➡️ Bend, OR

Miles: 63

Total: 3,535.4

Wow! I can’t believe we have been on the road for 60 days! It has been interesting watching people’s reactions about our trip.

In Virginia, people’s reactions were pretty subtle. In Kansas and Colorado, people would say, “wow!” and be amazed at how far we had come. In Oregon, people’s eyes bug out and they make sure that they heard us correctly.


“Yes sir, we started on the coast of Virginia”. 😊💪🏻

It seems that the closer we get to the coast, the harder it is to pedal! But, I felt pretty good all day, for the most part.

It was another day of riding past sagebrush and dead grass…but over time it started to get a bit prettier!

The people in this area of Oregon are extremely nice and helpful. Our only stop today was at a Cafe in a small blip in the road called Brothers. During the first 10 minutes of sitting inside the cafe, two people came in who were out of gas. The nearest gas station was 60 miles in either direction.

Apparently, the cafe owner gets around 50 people a day who run into that predicament (that just goes to show you how little there is out here), so they keep extra gas cans with gas to help people out. I thought that was really nice. The lady who owned the cafe told us that she just really wants to help people when she can; that’s what Kent said as well (the guy from the cafe who cooked for us after the cafe was closed).

Oh! The guy sitting in the background is originally from Carbondale! I love running into people from our area!

Although we were still in the high desert, the terrain started to change today.

We came over a hill and there were suddenly snow capped mountains in the distance, hazy because they were so far away.

Where did those come from?!

We got closer and closer to the mountains as we rode today, but couldn’t ever get a good picture. The mountains that you see are called the Three Sisters. They are three volcanic peaks that form a complex volcano. Two of the peaks haven’t erupted in 14,000 years, but one erupted about 2,000 years ago. I can’t wait to get closer to them and get some better pictures.

During the last 20 miles or so of our ride today, I started feeling really sick. I’m not really sure what made me feel so sick, but it wasn’t fun. I felt nauseous, jittery, and like I had nothing left in me to even pedal a mile. As I got closer to Bend, I found a driveway to someone’s house with a little shade and had to stop and get off my bike for a little bit. I called my parents and talked to them for a few minutes, hoping that resting in the shade and drinking water would help. It’s absolutely no fun to be out in the desert, all the way across the country from your home, and feeling like you have food poisoning or something.

My friend, Rachel, texted me this picture this morning, and I definitely thought of it as I was sitting in the driveway wondering how in the world I was going to keep on going.

I decided I better hop back on my bike and try to make a little more progress. I eventually made it to town, and got a cold drink and some food and started feeling better. Thank goodness. And thank goodness for friends who send you quotes that keep you going!

Here were some cute animals I saw from the window of Taco Bell:

The birds would sit on his steering wheel and would walk along the wheel as he turned it. It was a really odd sight to see, but interesting!

So, I have been in contact with several places today about shipping our bikes. It’s been quite interesting, and it’s almost like trying to figure out a jigsaw puzzle. All our shipping options in Florence close around 2 or 3 on Saturday, the day we will be arriving….so we are going to have to get up really early on our last day to make it to town before everything closes. Then we have to get to Eugene, which will be a piece of cake unless we don’t make it to Florence in time to ship our bikes….in which case we will have to figure out how to get our bikes to Eugene. Oh, and we can’t book our flight home until we figure out for sure our shipping options, and the prices keep going up. 😳

But, getting home is part of the adventure, too…right?!

Tomorrow, we climb our last pass: McKenzie Pass. We will be gaining about 2,000 feet over 12 miles….which doesn’t sound too bad….it just depends on how the elevation gain is dispersed. Hopefully it’s an even climb over the 12 miles.

Looking forward to some better scenery!


2 thoughts on “Day 60: Hampton, OR ➡️ Bend, OR

  1. Forrest Gump: I don’t know if Momma was right or if, if it’s Lieutenant Dan. I don’t know if we each have a destiny, or if we’re all just floating around accidental-like on a breeze, but I, I think maybe it’s both. Maybe both is happening at the same time.

    You have a destiny. That is to finish this excursion throughout the USA, make a wonderful presentation of y’alls adventures, and have these memories for the rest of your lives. You have been doing a marvelous job, and sticking with it. Everyone here is proud of you.

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