Day 51: Victor, ID ➡️ Idaho Falls, ID

Miles: 63

Total: 2,926.7

Despite missing home a bit, it felt great to get on the bike today.

I slept great (again), and we ate Subway for breakfast! A great start to the day = a great ride…well, sometimes. 😂

I honestly had no idea what to expect about Idaho. I am very familiar with all of the other states we have ridden through, but Idaho- not so much.

After climbing Teton Pass into Idaho yesterday, I was a little worried. This is what we saw ahead of us coming down the pass:

It looked a little worrisome…

But it turned out ok!

We started our morning climbing Pine Creek Pass. It was what I call a ‘tiny baby’ pass.

We only gained about 700 ft over 3 miles– much easier than all the other ones we have done over the past week or two. Yesterday we gained 2,000 feet over 3 miles when we climbed Teton Pass, just to put today’s climb in perspective.

We had another pretty good little climb, and then it was all either downhill or flat for the rest of the day…with a tailwind! It was fantastic.

Idaho has been really pretty so far! It’s almost like a combination of all of the places we have rode through!

Tonight we are staying in Idaho Falls. We got a hotel room- so 1st shower in 5 days and doing laundry for the first time since Pueblo, Colorado…


I quote my dear friend, Elizabeth: “I don’t know if you’re really tan or just really dirty.”

I told her it was probably both.


One thought on “Day 51: Victor, ID ➡️ Idaho Falls, ID

  1. Another great day of progress. You probably did need the shower and laundry if you have had as hot of days we have been having. Our pool finally cooled down to 95.4 when rain came through. But, by now, y’alls sense of smell might be a bit “desensed”.


    Pedal on !!!


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