Day 49 and 50!

Dubois, WY ➡️ Grand Teton National Park, WY: 62.7 miles

Grand Teton National Park, WY ➡️ Victor, ID: 55.5 miles

Total: 2,863.7

All I have to say about the last two days is wow!! I will give a quick rundown of day 49 (I had an entire blog post dedicated to day 49, but it got deleted), and then I’ll tell you alllll about day 50!!!

Ok, so we woke up and left Dubois. There was a super cute playground, and it even had an outdoor classroom area where teachers could take their class outside!

Music class outside, anyone??? 😊

After we left Dubois, we went up, up, and up. We climbed all. day. long. We didn’t really gain a ton of elevation because we were climbing at about a 6% grade most of the day, but it really just takes a toll on you over time. I kept telling myself, patience + persistence = progress.

BUT, as we climbed, the scenery kept getting better and better.

SO, when we finally made it to the top of Togwotee Pass, we were super relieved! We were excited about the signs at the top. One sign was the Continental Divide sign (CD crossing #4 for us), and the other sign was this one…

Y’all….I was so happy to see this sign. This sign was like seeing a true miracle here on Earth.

But, don’t count your chickens before they hatch…


We went down, and it was glorious…until about a mile into our descent, we had another climb!!!

What?!? What is THIS doing here???

We made it to the top.

Phew! Now we can really go down.

Another hill.

See the pattern? I need to find the person who placed the 6% grade signs, because they are in some hot water, I’ll tell you what!

You want to know who else is in hot water? The forest ranger who charged us $20 each to ride our bikes into the Grand Teton National Park. It is $35 per car, regardless of how many people are inside, but $20 per bike???

So yeah, if you know the people in charge out here in Wyoming, you tell them to come find me and I’ll……well……I don’t really know.


It was really fun riding into the National Park. I have ridden the same road countless times in a car with my parents, but never on a bike. You’re going so much slower, everything looks different…and you notice so much more!

We camped at Signal Mountain Campground. The campground was full, but we got special treatment since we’re bikers and didn’t really have anywhere else to go! 😬 They let us camp by the recycling bins and the wood pile!

Yessss! 😂

I had an amazing night’s rest, again. Perhaps it’s all the climbing…?!


Day 50 was pretty much the best day ever.I got to ride my bike along the base of the Tetons all day long! I had been looking forward to this very day since before the trip even started, and it did not disappoint!!! The Tetons are absolutely stunning. I don’t even know how many times I have been out here, but they are just as amazing every single time. I wish everyone would take a trip to come see them at least once! We made horrible time all day because we kept stopping to take pictures! But we didn’t care!!! Here are a ton of pictures from today:I just can’t get over how beautiful of a ride it was.So, as I was posing for a picture, I found something buried in the tall, thick grass. I laughed to myself because my dad always, always finds things laying around on trips. And today, I found…..Ta-da! A hat!

So, we pedaled on and on. I was sad to leave the park, and decided to get one last picture with the National Park sign.Just as we were leaving the parking area, in pulled a big tour bus filled with tourists from Asia. As they got off the tour bus, I felt like I was being watched.Before I knew it, several of them were sneaking up behind us snapping photos of us and our loaded down bikes!! When they knew that we knew, they just went all out!!! They were standing all around us taking pictures!! It was hilarious.And not a word of English was spoken. We communicated through smiles, laughter, and hand motions. I had no clue what was going on, but it was great.

I even got a picture with one of them!! So, world, watch out! We may be in some foreign country’s magazine or newspaper! Haha!

When we arrived in Jackson, the town just outside of the National Park, I went into Teton Mountaineering to see if they sold tent poles.When I walked in, I thought I was out of luck…but the man, whom I would learn was ‘Mike’, told me to bring in my poles so he could take a look at them.

Mike was soft spoken, yet very funny. Him and I have the same sense of humor, so I appreciated all of his weird little comments and silly puns throughout our conversation. He wore a button up flowery shirt, and he was just an interesting person. The only way I know how to describe him is to compare him to Robin Williams playing the role Mrs. Doubtfire, except a male version. Like I said, he was soft spoken and very prim and proper, yet hilarious.

I brought in my poles and put them up on the counter. He came out of the back room with a bouquet of tent poles of all different diameters, lengths, and colors! Talking to himself, he deliberately went through every pole he had, trying to find a match to my poles. He found a match! The plan was to replace my two broken sections with the new sections.

I handed him my tent poles and he started taking them apart. I was holding my breath as he attempted to untie the stretchy cord that held each pole together. If the cord got messed up, then my poles would be really messed up- so much that I couldn’t even use them.

“Come on little buddy, come on,” Mike softly said under his breath as he tried to untie the knots at the end.

“Well, it looks like I’m going to have to cut them,” he said nonchalantly in his soft tone.


I watched as he cut the cord that held my poles together.

I hope he knows what he’s doing.

I made conversation with him as he attempted to fix my poles. He used to be into rock climbing( which was made obvious by the knots he was tying in my tent pole cord), and how he is into astronomy and rock collecting. He told me he hopes to find an amazing gem worth lots of money!

Don’t we all…

I told him I was a music teacher, and he told me how he got to meet and shake hands with Yo Yo Ma last year at the Teton Music Festival! The way he described the form and texture of the music of the concert made me feel like he really had a deep understanding of music.

Before I knew it, my tent poles were completely fixed!!! I offered to pay him, and he wouldn’t take it. He told me it was important to do good things for people.

I could tell he was a good, good person.

He insisted on giving me fresh fruit from a recent trail race, some extra tent poles in case I needed more, and a really nice camelback water bottle.

I’m so glad I met Mike. The world is full of amazing people, and he definitely inspired me to be a better person. I’ll never forget him.After we left Jackson, we climbed over Teton Pass, and boy was it tough!!!!!We talked to several bikers about the pass. Each and every one of them told us to take the old Teton Pass road instead of the new one, so we took their advice.I honestly think either way would have been awful, but the way we went was super difficult. BUT, hard work = amazing views.We rode over the pass and down into Idaho!!!Two more states, y’all!!! 💪🏻


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