Day 43: Kremmling, CO ➡️ Walden, CO

Miles: 61.7

Total: 2,433.2

Today was one of those days. It wasn’t a bad day…and it wasn’t that hard of a day…

You know, it was just one of those days. It felt like we weren’t really getting anywhere…but it feels good to look back on your day and see the progress that you made. And that goes for the whole trip as well! It really does all add up- it’s hard to believe we are 20 miles from Wyoming!

We said bye to our sweet host last night. She was so kind to offer us to stay in her house. It was so relaxing to get to sit on a couch and watch a movie. When we left, Masherra said, “I’m going to miss her.”

I agreed.

We rode down to the gas station and got breakfast. As silly as it sounds, breakfast stresses me out. There has been several times where I didn’t eat a good breakfast, and it just really makes your day awful. BUT, I ate a sausage croissant and a huge cinnamon roll.

And I was still nervous that wasn’t enough, but I couldn’t fit any more into my belly!! 😂 we saddled up and took off!

So, we decided to take a short cut today to skip the miles we didn’t get yesterday. Our route maps take us through historical and scenic places, when sometimes there are much shorter options. Below, you can see the pink route, which is the TransAm. We took the yellow route. The yellow route was 17 miles shorter, and it cut in between the mountains. We still had some pretty good climbs today, and even climbed over Muddy Creek Pass…but in general, it was easier and shorter!I always see signs with names of people I know…but this one was extra special. 😂

I mean….I was really excited to see a sign that said Steamboat Springs!! 🤷🏼‍♀️😉

We are heading towards the prairies of Wyoming, so we were headed away from the mountains today. We will be seeing them again once we get to Grand Teton National Park here in 5 days or so. My parents are in the Tetons and I will get to see them!!

Not too long into our ride, Mash wasn’t feeling well at all. She is one tough cookie though. She could have easily chosen to ride back in town to take a rest day (which I asked her if she wanted to do that), but she chose to keep pressing on. On top of that, we had a 62 mile ride today with literally nothing between the town we left this morning and the town we were going to. Hats off to her.

About 22 miles into our ride, we felt like we needed to eat, so we did…on the side of the road. We were already tired. I always find that it’s hard to get going again once we stop. I snacked, looked around, and took pictures…anything to delay hopping back on the bike. Haha!

We rode a ways more, and eventually started climbing up to Muddy Creek Pass. The climb wasn’t anything compared to other climbed we have done…but when you’re tired, any climb seems big.

When we got to the top, we pulled over in a gravel parking area and sat down. It wasn’t too long before I decided to lie down. The gravel was really fine, so it didn’t hurt. Before I knew it, I was dozing off! Masherra decided to lie down too, and we both fell asleep….on the gravel…..on the side of the road. 😂 You know you’re tired when you can fall asleep anywhere!

When we woke up, a man was walking towards us and asked if he could sit with us. He told us he was hiking the Continental Divide Trail (CDT)! He was super nice and interesting to talk to. He told us how he has done some bike touring himself, and how he does long distance hiking…AND he has done long distance paddling! I made sure to tell him about my dad’s wooden cables that he builds. We chatted about each other’s journeys, and then it was time to part ways. As I’ve mentioned before, it’s so nice meeting people who are on the same wavelength as you. People who just get it.

After we set out to knock out the remaining 35 miles, I started feeling sick too. I definitely wasn’t feeling as bad as Mash was, but I’m beginning to wonder if we both have a cold or some type of virus. I don’t feel horrible, just having sinus problems and my stomach doesn’t feel great, and I’ve been sneezing. I told Mash that I was surprised we haven’t gotten sick sooner. It seems like our immune systems would be down due to our bodies being so tired.

The rest of our ride wasn’t bad. There were some tough little climbs, but we were also losing elevation.

It was a miracle when we saw Walden in the distance. 62 miles of nothing was kind of taking a toll on us mentally! We were so ready to just be somewhere.

We stopped and ate supper and then set up camp. We made a new biker friend, Kyle, who is riding the TransAm west➡️east. Mash, Kyle, and I chatted for a while before turning in for the night. We gave each other tips for what was ahead and talked about our experiences.

But what stood out most from our conversation was when Kyle said that this trip was hard.

And he’s right.

We talked about how, although this is a trip of a lifetime, it is really, really hard. It’s hard physically and mentally. There are so many amazing times and memories, but every single day has been a challenge.

And that’s ok. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it.

It was refreshing to hear someone else who felt the same way that I did.


I’m all nestled in my tiny little tent, and I’m looking forward to it getting chilly tonight. Mid 40’s = the best camping weather. Did I mention that I love sleeping in my tent?? It’s my little home away from home. 😂🌲💚

Tomorrow, we will be crossing into Wyoming! State line days are some of the best days.

We are a tad bit nervous about Wyoming due to the large gaps between towns, so it will definitely be an adventure!


One thought on “Day 43: Kremmling, CO ➡️ Walden, CO

  1. Happy to hear that y’all had a great day despite having “intestinal distress”. Maybe by in the morning the greasy sausages and the cinnamon roll sugar rush would pass.

    Ride on !!!


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