Day 42: Silverthorne, CO ➡️ Kremmling, CO

Miles: 41.8

Total: 2,371.5

I found myself today thinking too much about getting to our planned destination.

We planned on riding about 60 miles. My elevation chart indicated that we would be losing elevation most of the day, so we knew it would be an easy day of riding.

As we left the hotel, a man struck up a conversation with us. The conversation went on and on, and we were really needing to get going. He was telling us about the roads we were traveling on. He had a lot of knowledge of the roads since he used to be a truck driver. As the conversation continued, I found myself anxious to get on the road.

When we finally got started, we rode on the rest of the bike path that we rode on yesterday.

It was such a beautiful and fun little bike path. There were lots of people biking and walking along the path. It would be so nice to have something like this at home! These people have no idea how lucky they are.

As we headed further out of Silverthorne, Mark and Kyle (the Neon Dudes) passed us. We talked to them for a bit and said, “see ya later”. We knew we would see them again since we have been playing leapfrog with them the past few days.

Although we were losing elevation, we had a headwind. I felt like the headwind robbed us of our easy day of riding. BUT, I’d rather have a headwind while losing elevation rather than a headwind while gaining elevation.

A man pulled over on the side of the road and offered to fill up our empty water bottles! To be honest, for a minute I was concerned about him striking up a long conversation like the one we had earlier, causing us to lose more time.

And then I realized how ungrateful that I was for even thinking that.

I looked around…

Beautiful mountains were surrounding me.

The weather was great.

A man went out of his way to help us and to give us water.

I knew right then that I needed to live in the moment and stop worrying about everything else. I needed to appreciate everything around me, and needed to stop worrying about the future.

I spent some time thinking about how this trip of a lifetime will be over before I know it. It seems like just a couple of weeks ago, I was in Virginia…dreaming about riding out west in the beautiful Rocky Mountains…

But it’s been 42 days.

So, although we were slowed down a bit today due to conversations with caring people, and also due to the fact that we were just plain tired, I tried to soak up the scenery and the overall experience. The destination didn’t matter.

I mean…how many people get the opportunity to go on a trip like this? As I was tired today and felt like my body was a sand bag, I told myself to just stop worrying about getting to where I had planned on being.

Somany people would love to be in this exact place and moment as you are right now. Enjoy it and soak it up. It’s not going to last forever.

We stopped to grab lunch at a tiny little shop near a campground.

As we were eating, a furry friend came up to visit! Unica (pronounced “Oonica”. She was big, beautiful, and sweet.

We arrived in Kremmling as storm clouds were rolling in. The wind had also picked up. We decided to stop at Subway to get supper and to wait out the storm before riding the last 17 miles.

While we were there….more dogs! And they were Springer Spaniels!

I sure do miss my little Birch!

We talked with the Subway worker for a bit, asking her questions about where we could camp and about the roads we would be riding on. We decided to call our day a little early, as our route headed east…directly into a 20 mph headwind. We are taking a short cut tomorrow, so our short day today doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

As we were leaving, she quickly came out the door and offered for us to stay at her house! So, we have been hanging out watching Spanglish. 😊

We have one last day here in Colorado, then it’s on to Wyoming!


2 thoughts on “Day 42: Silverthorne, CO ➡️ Kremmling, CO

  1. Thanks Aspen. I have so enjoyed reading about your journey!!! I’m friends with Amber Manoff. I’m a cyclist and would love a great adventure. You have inspired me. Today I rode 48 miles and decided to enjoy it and not stress about speed. It was glorious!! Stay strong and be safe.

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