Day 41: Hartsel, CO ➡️ Silverthorne, CO

Miles: 59.1

Total: 2,329.7

I woke up pretty happy this morning. I had gotten a fantastic nights sleep. It got down to 45 degrees last night, and I was as snug as a bug in a rug in my sleeping bag. I was exited to actually sleep inside my sleeping bag rather than just putting it over the top of me like a quilt. But…….you want to see where we slept? 😂 I’m slightly embarrassed to show the world….but sometimes this is just what has to happen on a bike tour…



I was also super happy when we woke up knowing that we had done most of our climbing towards Hoosier Pass yesterday. Yesterday, we climbed around 6,100 feet…and today we only had a couple thousand more feet to climb…and then it would be all downhill!

Pretty soon after we left this morning, we ran into Lindsey and Alex, whom I have been following on Instagram (and vice versa). We knew we would cross paths today. It’s always neat to meet people from Instagram!! We chatted with them for a few minutes- they were really nice!

As we continued on, the traffic got insane. The highway we were on was also a detour for traffic from another highway due to forest fires. We had huge campers, semis, dump trucks, and pretty much any type of vehicle you could imagine passing us for about 10 miles.

We started to get very frustrated with the traffic. I could not believe how close some of these vehicles were passing us! I even had a huge RV drive right past me without getting over an inch!

We had people honking, even though we were as far over on the road as we could get. People who had no patience would whiz right by us with traffic coming in the opposite direction. It was absolutely ridiculous that some people couldn’t slow down for a few minutes until it was clear to pass us. Here we are riding our bikes up a mountain, and they just had no respect to that fact– we were just annoying women riding their bikes on the road.

For our safety, we decided to ride further out into the lane so that people couldn’t whiz by us, forcing them to have to actually pass us like they should in the first place. And of course, that made some people mad too– but I guarantee if they were on a bike, they wouldn’t want a car almost hitting them either. I would rather make someone mad than chance being hit.

Cyclists and motorists have the same rights when using public roads– it just amazes me how many people don’t know or respect that.

We stopped for lunch before the last part of our climb over Hoosier.

After we ate, there was not much left to do but climb! These road workers even cheered us on!

Right before the last 4 miles of our climb, we reached the highest city in North America!

The climb up to Hoosier wasn’t bad at all. It wasn’t too steep— you just had to keep plugging away at it until you made it to the top! Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t easy by any means, but when you compare it to the Appalachians, it was a walk in the park.

On our way up, it started to rain. It even started spitting snow! It was pretty chilly.

I was so excited to get to the top! Even though it wasn’t a ton of climbing today, we climbed 9,000 feet or so over the last day and a half! That’s pretty tough on a loaded touring bike!!

I was so happy to get my picture with the Hoosier Pass/Continental Divide sign! We were pretty high up!

I ate a cookie to celebrate.

Well…..I’ll be honest here…. I ate like a whole package of cookies! 😂🤷🏼‍♀️

And then….out of nowhere…..The Neon Dudes appeared! I think they came from the woods.

We talked for a bit and flagged someone down to take or picture. Then, it was time to make our descent into Breckenridge. The roads were wet, so we were cautious and didn’t fly down the mountain pass like some people do.

It was fun riding through Breckenridge. I heard someone say, “Man, those are some serious bikers.” 😂😂😂

I made a pit stop and went in a store and bought some earrings. The ones I had at the beginning of my trip broke. I mean…a girl’s gotta have earrings, right?? Poor Mash got stuck out on the sidewalk watching our bikes and talking to everyone that passed. Thanks Mash. 😬

Once we got to Breckenridge, we got on a really nice bike path that took us all the way to Silverthorne. It was the nicest bike path I have ever been on, and if you’re ever in the area, I highly recommend it!

Once we made it to Silverthorne, we got a room and snuck our bikes in through the back entrance and into the elevator. 😁 We weren’t sure how these ritzy ski towns felt about bringing bikes inside….don’t ask, don’t tell…right? There’s no way I can leave Bae outside!!

Excites for a good night’s sleep. Getting closer to Wyoming!🌲🚵🏼‍♂️Aspen🚵🏼‍♂️🌲

2 thoughts on “Day 41: Hartsel, CO ➡️ Silverthorne, CO

  1. That drives me crazy when folks don’t slow down a little and get over to pass. Happens to me all of the time unfortunately. Is slowing down for a few seconds really going to hurt you? So dam inconsiderate.


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