Day 36: Scott City, KS ➡️ Sheridan Lake, CO

Miles: 75.9

Total: 2,017.3

I forgot to mention in my last post that another tourist we met, Chris, was in Eureka, KS when the F3 tornado hit. He told us that him and some other tourists noticed it was getting windy, so they were holding onto their tents to make sure they weren’t going to rip. He told us that the tornado sirens went off and he looked up and saw a dumpster flying through the air, so they forgot about their tents and all ran to the nearby bathroom. I thought that was crazy!


Today, we had our cake and we ate it too. It was a great day of riding. The sky was clear all day, the temperature topped out at 82, and there was only a light breeze. Although we are steadily gaining elevation, it was an easy day of riding.

We slept great inside the youth center we stayed in last night. It was hard to get going. I pressed snooze on my alarm, and ended up waking up around 6:40! It was ok though, because we knew we had a time change and would gain an hour!

As we headed out of town, we had to get pictures by the farm equipment. The big wheat harvest is going on, and literally everyone we talk to mentions it during conversation. It is their livelihood out here. There’s not much else to do other than farm.

We had an easy ride to the next town. We stopped and ate lunch at Law’s Feed Store, and it was delicious. I haven’t told anyone this, but the real reason I’m riding across America is to try all the chicken strips everywhere I go– and today I found the best ones! The macaroni and cheese was fantastic too. We had to wait over an hour, but we need a break anyway.

When we came to the next town, the sheriff spotted us at a gas station and chatted with us for a bit. He asked us, “Are you the girls who ride at night?” 😂 Chris (the tornado/dumpster story guy) told the sheriff to be on the lookout for us as we came through in case we needed anything!

Change was definitely in the air today! It was an eventful day!! We crossed into the mountain time zone, crossed our 2,000th mile, and crossed into Colorado!! It was an exciting day!

As we were taking pictures at the Colorado sign, we saw some bike tourists headed east crossing into Kansas. We talked to them a bit, pausing mid-conversation several times as loud farm equipment passed by. One of the guys was from England, and he commented on our KY accent.

We also met Lance. He is traveling west to east. He was really nice to talk to.

We are staying at a church tonight that literally has open doors for cyclists. They were very nice and even told us we could eat anything we could find in the kitchen.

I ate 3 bowls of cereal…with lemonade. 😂

And then we ate a pizza!

The “Neon Dudes” as I call them stayed here last night. When I saw them at Newton’s bike shop in Kansas, they had neon shirts on and neon helmets. They were still here as we rolled in.

Welp, folks, that’s all I have for today. Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow. We are glad to be in Colorado.


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