Day 28: Ash Grove, MO ➡️ Pittsburg, KS

Today’s mileage: 71.8

Total mileage: 1,513.3

What day is it? What town are we in? Was that yesterday or today?

…just a few of the random questions that are asked pretty much every single day at some point. It’s crazy that we have been on the road for 4 weeks now. Everything is blurring together! As we are nearing our halfway point, it makes me wonder how fast the rest of the trip will pass, and it kind of makes me sad to think about it. Mash and I jokingly started talking about what our next bike tour will be. We decided we need to get this one finished first. 😂

This morning, we chatted with Matt and Dex for a bit and then headed out. We had about 25 more miles of hills left before the terrain started to flatten out. To our surprise, the hills weren’t bad at all! Well, there were a few bad ones…

…but we got through them!

After about 18 miles, I hear a “ding ding ding” coming up behind me. It was Matt! I laughed at the fact that he had a bell on his touring bike. It was so nerdy it was kind of cool…? 😎

Right after Matt passed us, Dex came up behind us as well! We chatted for a few minutes and then we all pressed on for Pittsburg, KS.

It was so neat how the terrain suddenly flattened out. I never thought we would get out of the Ozarks. It was almost like we came over a hill and it was just, well, flat.

We got 35 miles in or so and then we stopped at Golden City. The only place to eat was the restaurant the hostel hostess told us to stop at, so we did! Dex was leaving as we were arriving.

The waitress brought us the biker log book to sign. We have signed so many so far!

After we left, it stayed pretty flat…but there were a few more surprise hills. We were getting tired and decided to take a break in someone’s front yard. I hope they didn’t care. 💁🏼‍♀️

Just as we were taking off after our break, the sweetest dog came up to us!!! Dogs are just the best.

Dex caught back up with us and told us he would wait for us at the Kansas state line so he could film Mash and I riding past the sign. When we got there we all had to get a selfie together!

It’s always so exciting when you know you’re going to cross a state line. I was up and ready to go early this morning. Crossing state lines is like Christmas, especially when it’s flat Kansas. I’m hoping the winds won’t be too brutal on us.

We rode into town- the streets were super wide! It was the flattest town we have been through thus far.

When we arrived to where we were staying, there was a man and his two sons who are biking the TransAm from west to east. They planned on finishing in D.C. and then riding down to Florida, then going to Columbia!

Dex rolled into the campground and we all set up camp and discussed the weather for tomorrow. We are in the high threat for tornadoes and severe weather tomorrow…so we are definitely nervous about that. The towns in Kansas are spread out so we will have to keep a close watch on the weather tomorrow.

We ended our day with pizza!

So glad to be in Kansas.


One thought on “Day 28: Ash Grove, MO ➡️ Pittsburg, KS

  1. Great progress again today !!! Yes, keep an eye on the weather. We had a few bad storms come through this area tonight. Somewhere around Eddyville they had a funnel cloud drop down. Haven’t heard of any damages yet. You are in Kansas. Don’t need for you to be able to say prematurely that “We are not in Kansas anymore”.

    Be safe !!!

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