Day 26: Cabool, MO ➡️ Marshfield, MO

Today’s mileage: 68.3

Total mileage: 1,393.1

Long day of going up and down, up and down.

But first, let’s talk about our hotel room last night.

As we were sitting on the bed, Mash gasps and says, “Oh my gosh. What is that?”

I knew right then what she was going to say. 2 seconds later we were googling pictures of bed bugs. We had a match.

I told her she could sleep in my bed with me. But then I thought I’d better check for bedbugs myself.

Ding ding ding- we have a winner….or loser.

So yeah. There were bed bugs. We checked the rest of the bedding and the mattress and everything we could think of, and didn’t see any other ones….but still…

It was past midnight and we were exhausted. We didn’t want to have to go set up a tent, so we stayed.

Mash and I had a debate if we were ‘team bed bugs’ or ‘team cockroaches’……should we sleep in the bed, or on the floor? I haven’t seen any cockroaches here (we have seen them in other places we have stayed and had to sleep on top of tables)

This is where I ended up.

The next morning, our friend decided to leave earlier than we were leaving, so it was back to just Mash and I. He was nice, but we were relieved.

We rode along highway 60 for a while and then got back on our bike route to avoid heavy traffic into Springfield. We stopped at a subway and I could have totally fallen asleep. It felt like perfect hammock weather.

I noticed my bike felt odd and it seemed a little extra bouncy. I got off my bike to check my tires and, sure enough, my back one was really low. I check my tire pressure every morning, so I knew I had a hole in my tube.

Literally every time Mash and I have had a flat, we had showers the night before. Oh well!

We rode on to tonight’s destination. It seemed to take forever, especially after having to stop to fix my flat. The landscape is starting to change from The Ozarks to more farmland. It’s still pretty hilly, but it’s starting to look more and more like Kansas.

We saw another biker and he was one of the racers in the TransAmerica bike race that started on June 2nd. The racers fly across the U.S…some of them finishing in 17 days!! This guy was in 35th place, which is pretty good. I loved that he wasn’t too cool to stop and chat with us for a few minutes. He rides about 180 miles a day!!

Finally, we arrived. Taco Bell!!

When we rolled into town we had a couple of offers for us to camp in peoples yards or to even stay inside, but we decided to stealth camp closer in town so we could hit up McDonald’s in the morning. I’ve ate so much food today it is absurd.

Tomorrow is Kansas Eve!


2 thoughts on “Day 26: Cabool, MO ➡️ Marshfield, MO

  1. Another great mileage day, even with a flat.

    Another progress xls Messengered to you to show your progress !!!

    Continue on !!! Doing a great job!!!



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