Day 24: Marble Hill, MO ➡️ Van Buren, MO

Today’s mileage: 77.3

Total mileage: 1,253.8

Sorry guys, tonight’s post is going to be really short. It was a good day- mostly rolling hills. Not a whole lot as far as gas stations or stores. The terrain started getting tougher as we are getting closer to the Ozarks, but we were still able to get our miles in today. We had some issues finding a place to stay tonight and are just now cooking and getting settled in and it’s after 10:30. I figured sleep was more important than a blog post 😉. Not a super exciting or interesting day, but a good day!


One thought on “Day 24: Marble Hill, MO ➡️ Van Buren, MO

  1. Even though I love reading of your daily adventures, your mileage and your rest is more important. You have a few “catch up” miles to get for your daily average to get back up, so the long reports could wait a bit. I don’t know how you can ride all day, and still compose such detailed and interesting daily blogs. Of course, being a teacher helps “a bit”…

    Stay safe and continue enjoying the ride and adventures !!!


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