Day 20: Rest Day!!!

Today’s mileage: 0

Total mileage: 1,026


Today has been a day full of rest and not doing a whole lot…just what I needed! My legs were a little sore and stiff yesterday after sitting down a while, and my pinkie was numb…but today I feel totally rested up!

I got some cuddle time in with little Birch. I was petting her and if I stopped she would wiggle, signaling for me to keep petting her. 😂

I hung around the house for a while and dad took me to get some breakfast. I aggravated Birch and played with her and fed her my leftovers. 😉 Look at that little toot!!

After that I headed to my friend Rachel’s house. It feels super weird driving a car after riding a touring bike at an average of 10 mph. I felt like I was driving a big tank.

Rachel had her baby a few days into my trip, and so I got to go meet my “niece” Emily! I’m an only child and so I decided she was going to be my niece.

She was so cute and tiny! I don’t have much experience with babies, so I was nervous to hold her. BUT, it wasn’t too hard. 😉

After my mom got off work, mom, dad, and I headed to Curls & Cream for some ice cream. I don’t even really like ice cream that much, but I love me some Curls & Cream!!!

I did some laundry and made sure my gear was packed up and ready to roll, and then I headed to Craig’s for some…………

You guessed it! Pizza!!

Craig finally got his pizza oven. You can bake a pizza in it in like two minutes!

So, as Mash and I start the next part of our journey, I wanted to thank everyone for their support and encouragement along the way. It helps me get through the day on hard days, and helps me when I am missing home. I’m so fortunate to have such a massive support system. 💚

My friend Elizabeth posted this picture the other day:

I wanted to thank each and every one of you for pouring water on my fires and fears, and throwing gasoline on my passions and dreams.

Love you guys! 💚💚💚


***We are meeting back in Marion at the farmers market area Saturday morning at 9:00. It’s on the main strip just past McDonald’s. ***

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