Day 16: Bryantsville, KY ➡️ Hodgenville, KY

Today’s Mileage: 80

Total Mileage: 852.4

Today was fantastic.

Last night, we slept in the guest room in an actual house. The bed was super comfortable and it was pure bliss.

As usual, it was hard to get up and get going. I always wake up feeling l like I could sleep all day long, so getting up and being on the road by 7 or so is always a struggle and sometimes I feel like it’s my greatest accomplishment of the day. I feel like an old person because I’m usually sore and stiff and have to get moving before I feel good. 😂😂😂

We began our day by backtracking about 6 or 7 miles back to a nearby town because a bridge was closed. We thought we might be able to cross it since we are on bikes, but several people assured us we would be arrested if we did that. 😳

We found a good highway to use as a detour and we made really good time….well, we made good time for being on loaded touring bikes.

The state and federal highways are a bit flatter and the hills are longer and the incline is more gradual than on the rolling hills of the county roads we have been riding on.

Clouds started rolling in and it started raining a bit. I wondered if it was going to be another one of those days. You know, the wet ones.

Even though we got a little wet, we got away from the storm pretty quickly since we were heading west. The skies quickly cleared up!

We got to Springfield around 12:30 and ate lunch. We already had 40 miles in! We took about an hour and a half long lunch break. I may have dozed off…💁🏼‍♀️ (thanks Mash haha!)

We usually don’t have 40 miles in until later in the day. The Appalachian Mountains were really hard, but they definitely conditioned our legs–that combined with the flatter terrain really helped us cover some miles today.

Nothing too crazy happened today. We talked to a lot of people about our trip: people at gas stations, grocery stores, and even people talking to us from their yard as we ride by. It’s nice to hear that Kentucky accent again– I can tell we are getting closer to home.

A lot of cyclists complain about how horrible biking through KY is. Maybe I’m biased, but I have really enjoyed it so far. The rural county roads we are on are pretty and relaxing and I feel like I am back home.

Cyclists also complain about how bad the dogs are in KY. Many cyclists even change their route and go through TN. We haven’t had any issues with dogs. Most have been on leashes or behind a fence. The ones that have been loose have been really sweet.

We ended up having to wait out another storm today, but this one didn’t have straight line winds. Yesterday’s storm was insane.

As we were getting closer to Hodgenville, a man pulled over on the side of the road to talk to us. I had my map out checking out the elevation profile, as we had a pretty good climb coming up. He stopped to make sure we weren’t lost.

The man used to be an avid cyclist and he told us a better road to ride on, as the one our route took us on was curvy and narrow. We took his advice.

When we arrived in town, Mash and I went to a Mexican place and had a good meal that wasn’t fast food or gas station food. Today was her birthday! (Happy Birthday, Mash!!!)

Today was also my little cousin’s birthday! She and a friend made us signs and took their own bike picture!! It made our day!!

My map had a place listed for cyclists to camp, so I called to check in with the city police. They sent an officer to the Mexican restaurant. He was really nice and told us we didn’t even need to call!

When we arrived to the place we are staying, my gps was at 79.6….so I may or may not have rode my bike in circles around the parking lot to get it to 80. People were looking at me like I was crazy.

We are staying inside and was even able to take a shower. We have hit the jackpot on showers this week. I’ve had a shower every day for the last 3 days—now that’s living it up! 😂

Getting closer to home!!


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