Day 14: Buckhorn, KY ➡️ Berea, KY

Today’s mileage: 67.5

Total Mileage: 733.1

I’m not going to say today was an easy day, but it was a good day.

We started our day with a couple of short, steep climbs, and then something happened…….

The terrain started to change. It was like we climbed a mountain and during the decent we were transported through some type of wormhole into the foothills of the Appalachians. The mountains started to shrink, and I saw fields! Flat fields!

The riding was getting easier. Now, don’t get me wrong…we still climbed almost 5,000 ft today….but I could tell a noticeable difference. There were times we were barely pedaling up small hills due to our tired legs, and there were times we were truckin’ right along.

Since I didn’t have service last night, I went through my gear and started making a pile of things I don’t need. When we saw a post office today, we stopped in to mail some things home to lighten our load a bit. My sack of random items weighed 4 lbs! I’ll take it.

No, post office. Thank you.

As we were leaving the post office, a man who had been asking us about our trip told us to watch out for all the bad people. I know there are bad people in this world, and we are always situationally aware of our surroundings–but during this trip, we have seen so much good.

Complete strangers striking up conversations with us, churches offering us food and places to stay, people offering us Gatorades, waving them in the air from their front porch. People telling us to be careful, and telling us about roads and areas to avoid. People making phone calls for us and shuttling us around when the road was closed. People stopping to make sure we are ok if we were fixing something on our bike. People clapping for us out their car window and telling us, “You can do it!”, or “You’re almost to the top!” People turning their cars around to move turtles off the road.

Today, a man saw us coming, pulled out his wallet, and tried to give us a $50 bill! We couldn’t take it.

I know I’m going to get way more than one thing out of this trip, but one of the things I am discovering is that there are so many good people in this world. We cannot let the bad people cast a shadow over all of the good ones. It’s just not right.

I wished that man at the post office had experienced what we have experienced during the past two weeks.

Right after we left the post office, we were riding along. I saw something yellow in the distance and said, “Masherra, do you see what I see?!”

It’s so exciting to see other bike tourists. We have seen several in the last couple of days! I’ve said it before, but it’s like seeing a unicorn. We always chat about places to fill up on water, places to stay, upcoming climbs, road closures, etc. This guy is riding to Yorktown from Missouri, and then flying to Astoria, Oregon and then riding home.

Not too much longer, another bike tourist came up behind us!

This is Nelson, and he left Yorktown 8 days ago. He is riding 90 miles a day. 😳😳😳 We ran into Nelson a couple of times today. We saw him at a gas station when we were all eating our “second lunch” of the day. 😂

Although our day was pretty hilly and we were hurting by the end of the day, we had the most fun descent. It felt like a good send off from the Appalachian Mountains.

We rolled into Berea super late. It was dark. Thankfully, it’s a college town and we were able to ride on the sidewalks. We spent some time in the middle of the day inside or in the shade somewhere because it was blazing hot, so that’s why we arrived so late. Tonight we are in a hotel, we got to do laundry, and got showers!! We have now completed section 12 and section 11 of the TransAm–and now we are on Section 10!

Although I am glad to be done with the mountains for a while, I have to admit…I was a little envious of Craig’s ride today. Him and his friend Jonathan road the Cherohala challenge today in TN/NC. They rode 60+ miles and climbed over 7,000 ft. I really wished I could have been there to cheer them on.

{insert super proud girlfriend moment!! 😍}

I’m so lucky to have someone who has the same interests and passions. Here is a picture from our first “date”– riding on the trainer while watching a TransAm documentary. 🤓🤓🤓


One thought on “Day 14: Buckhorn, KY ➡️ Berea, KY

  1. Still glad you are meeting good people and seeing features of our country that many of us will never see. But, heed his warning. There are bad people in this world. Y’all stay situationally aware. If it doesn’t feel right….

    Continue your trek and have fun throughout. I’ll keep track of your progress and stats.

    Take care,

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