Elkhorn City, KY ➡️ Hindman, KY

Today’s mileage: 62.8

Total mileage: 616.5


What. A. Day.

Lesson learned today: when your elevation profile doesn’t look “that bad”…..don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

We slept great at the Elkhorn City Baptist Church. I had left over cinnamon rolls for breakfast from last nights pizza run. I may have ate like 5 of them. Hey, they were small! 💁🏼‍♀️

The mountains were pretty this morning. Fog was hanging around the mountain tops. Combine that with kudzu covering everything and literally a million roosters crowing…I felt like I was in a jungle.

All day long, we were pretty much out in the middle of nowhere, passing through the occasional “town”. We didn’t see or interact with a whole lot of people today. We spoke to a man who warned us about wild dogs at the top of one of our climbs. When we got to the top of a climb we talked to a lady who had been attacked by her neighbors dogs earlier in the year. I wondered if those were the “wild dogs”.

So, we climbed over 5 mountains today. My legs felt like they were going to fall off. But, I know we are getting stronger because there’s absolutely no way we could have done that several days ago.

The climbs were very, very steep. Most of the climbs were a couple miles long and they were so steep it took us a hour and a half to climb over one. Now that’s crazy! Somehow, we did that 5 times today. Here is my elevation chart recorded for my ride:

As the day come to an end, we weren’t in a safe area. It was 6:30 and we had 15 more miles until we would arrive to the hostel listed in my Adventure Cycling Association map/guide.

We pedaled harder than we have this whole trip. How we did it after climbing 5 mountains today, I have no idea….but we did. I think we knew we needed to get out of where we were.

We arrived at the hostel. I joked and told Mash it would probably be at the top of a hill.

Well…it was.

I mean….it was basically the steepest hill I have ever seen.

We pushed our bikes up….barely. My feet were sliding and my bike almost fell over several times from me losing my balance.

The hostel was closed and had a ‘No Trespassing’ sign up. And it was pretty much dark😑

We called the sheriff’s department. We called the hostel. We called everyone. As a last resort, we called the state police. I told a lady our situation. She got my name and number, called a county deputy, who called a local pastor, who called me and told us we could stay in his church!

When we arrived, they told us two other cyclists were also staying there—the couple whom I have been keeping up with on Instagram because they were a day or so ahead of us….the couple who gave us a heads up about the road being closed! I was super excited to get to meet them in person!!

We chit-chatted with them a bit–they were super nice and have a lot of experience bike touring. Oh, and they were both rocking Surlys too 😎😎😎

So, looks like I’m couch surfing in another church tonight. Thank goodness for all the churches who have helped us on our journey!

Aspen 😴😴😴

P.S. My tour tan is coming in quite nicely. 😂

2 thoughts on “Elkhorn City, KY ➡️ Hindman, KY

  1. Glad to see that your legs are getting stronger. Miles to go before you finish….. y’all have only traveled about 610 miles further than my knees and hips will handle…. 😕

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