Day 7: Daleville, VA ➡️ Radford, VA

Today’s mileage: 52.5

Total mileage: 379.3

Waking up to a double rainbow over the Appalachian Mountains is a promising way to start the day. It is so hard to get up and get going in the mornings, but seeing the rainbow made it a little bit easier. I saw it as a sign that it was going to be a good day, and it was. 🌈

Last night we decided to camp at a sports complex about 15 miles from our goal destination, and it was a good thing we did. The next 15 miles were through the mountains and there wasn’t much around. We would have been riding pretty late out in the middle of nowhere, with nowhere to sleep. Most of the land we passed either said “no trespassing”, or they had “danger” signs up due to it being a mining area. I’m glad we played it safe.

The morning started off pretty hilly. It was a mental game to get through it because it was just hill after hill after hill. The hills weren’t very long, but when your legs are tired and when the hills are just one right after the other, it takes a toll on you emotionally, not to mention physically.

Finally, we left the forested area and came out to the beautiful Virginia countryside again.

Even though it was pretty, there were still more hills- one after another. On one longer hill, I noticed a white splotch laying in a field……

A baby horse!

That was all I needed to pedal a little bit further so I could get a picture.

Then, I saw another baby horse in the next field over. Another good reason to keep pedaling!

After we got in about 25 miles, our elevation chart still had some small rolling hills, but in general we would be losing elevation. Lots of short, steep hills to climb, but lots of fun descents.

Until we got close to Christianburg.

I’ve decided to name all the cities we have visited in Virginia “City On A Hill”, because…well….they’re all on a hill or at the top of a mountain.

We started our climb into Christianburg, and………….

MORE horses!

And cool mirrors on the side of the road!!

So far on this trip, there have been so many animals or cool things that have distracted me from being tired or my legs burning with fatigue. I can’t wait to see what animals we encounter tomorrow when our legs feel like they are going to fall off. 😂

As we were climbing into Christianburg, a van passed us and the passengers had their arms out the window clapping for us and saying, “yay!” It was nice to have some encouragement from strangers. I needed it.

Especially when you see a bridge that leads to Christianburg and it’s way above where you are…

When we finally arrived to the city, there was a really nice sign geared towards cyclists! How nice and welcoming!!

Even though we made it into the city, we still had more hills to climb; we wanted Sonic. And by golly, we deserved it.

It was nice to kick up our feet for a bit and eat. Did I mention it was good to eat?

Today marked a milestone for us: our arrival in Christianburg marked our completion of Section 12 of the TransAm bike route. I can’t believe we have gone almost 400 miles so far (well, my brain can’t believe it, but my body sure can 😩)!

Before leaving Christianburg, I got to get out my map for Section 11. The first several days of Section 11 are going to be difficult, as we are still in the Appalachian Mountains and the elevation profile shows some pretty short and very steep climbs. I’m a little nervous about it, but so ready to get through the mountains so I can get home and see my favorite people. 💚

Aspen 🌲🚵🏼‍♂️

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