Day 1: Yorktown, VA ➡️ Glendale, VA

Today’s mileage: 62

Total mileage: 62

Today was a great day. We woke up early, ate a good breakfast and headed to Yorktown, VA. This morning, I still didn’t really feel like our trip was actually happening. Reality still hadn’t set in. Reality set in when I saw the Yorktown Victory Monument that signifies the start/ending of the TransAmerica route depending on which way you’re headed. I saw the monument, and said “woa!” … not because it was spectacular or anything, but right then I felt the reality of the trip set in.

We parked by the beach and unloaded our bikes and started loading everything up and double checking everything. Then, we rode to the beach and took part in the ceremonial dipping of our back tires into the Chesapeake Bay/Atlantic Ocean. We will dip our front tires in the Pacific once we get to Astoria.

We took a ton of pictures, and then took off! Thanks again to my parents who drove us out here! Thankfully they are in the area for a few days so maybe I’ll get to see them again before they head home.

Oh, right before we started, we found a small snapping turtle. I’ve had a thing with snapping turtles this year- I have seen so many! I have named the one I found in Craig’s driveway Magnificent, because he is! I think this is his little brother.😂

We rode along the coast for a little while and then turned west and passed Historical Colonial Williamsburg. It was actually a good sized little town. We got lost. Finding our way out of Yorktown using our Adventure Cycling Association maps seemed like a scavenger hunt (says the 20 something who always uses a gps).

Thankfully, a nice woman named Martha stopped to help us and showed us the way back out to the Colonial Parkway. She even gave us her number in case we needed a place to stay.

We stayed on the road for about 25 miles today before our route took us on the most awesome paved bike path called the Virginia Capital Trail. It was shaded, off the busy highway, and pretty darn flat and had lots of cool bridges

We occasionally passed through wide open fields. I asked Mash if we were already in Kansas or Western MO, because it totally looked like it.

We passed a battlefield with cannons sitting all over the place. It was lightning in the distance and the thunder sounded like the cannons were firing. A perfect juxtaposition.

We had called a church phone number listed on our TransAm map. We expected to camp outside in the back yard. When we arrived, a man asked us if we were staying in the cabin or inside the church. We laughed and told them either one would be fine. A nice older lady came and unlocked the church and showed us around. She asked us where we were from. When we said Paducah, she was flabbergasted because SHE lived in Paducah when she was a child. What a small world!

There was a huge kitchen, and even a shower with towels provided. She also told us we could eat any of the food in the cabinets! I was so excited about being able to shower. My legs were covered in grit from the road.

So, here is my home for the night. I added the window “shades”. 😂

I’ll take it.


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